What is the business?

This driver most often is perceived to be obvious. However, this driver is often times unclear to the market place. It also evolves over time and should continuously be redefined. It describes the foundation of how an organization creates, delivers, ... Learn More

Who is the Customer?

A business does NOT exist without a customer. Understanding the dynamics of a customer and their needs defines market opportunities and in turn drives innovation and revenue growth in every aspect of an organization. Learn More

What is the value realized by The Customer?

Companies focus on exceeding customer’s expectations without achieving the results they seek. Exceeding expectations generally does not convert to customer’s emotional satisfaction. Knowing the customer and resolving ... Learn More


Human capital

GRP’s initial focus on any engagement centers on an organization’s capital structure. A good understanding of this structure allows for the creation of a common vision, attracting team players committed to creating superior value for all stakeholders – customers, ... Learn More

Financial capital

Is sometimes considered an entity’s most important form of capital. GRP understands an entity’s financial requirement to execute its strategy. However, GRP strongly believes that an entity’s challenges are not solved by financial capital alone. Learn More

Intellectual capital

An entity’s intellectual capital includes products and services whether patented or not, secret processes, technology, know how or recipes. Many times the intellectual capital is intrinsically linked with the entity’s human capital. Learn More

About GRP

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We love business and we operate with a common purpose — building relationships that create value for our portfolio companies and clients. This is GRP every day, our resources work to build the value for stake holders.

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